NACWO Assessment

Welcome to the On-line NACWO assessment.  

This assessment module is designed to be taken by people who have already completed an IAT approved NACWO training course. The assessment consists of:

1.      A practice test, which can be taken as many times as required. You must achieve 70% or higher before you can take the final exam. You have 30 minutes for this exam.

2.      A final exam. You must take this exam under closed book examination conditions invigilated by a RanTech or other authorised personnel. There must be at least 48 hours between reaching a pass standard on the practice test and taking this test.  You have 30 minutes for this exam

Teacher: Brian Lowe

Life long learning

This course aims to introduce you to the importance of lifelong learning. It will introduce the impact learning has on career and life opportunities.  It can be supplemented with more specific or specialist training at a later date if required.


·        Develop participants awareness of the impact of lifelong learning on career and life opportunities

·        Raise awareness of some key issues that impact on effective learning


Participants will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

·        Describe the importance of lifelong learning

·        Link learning opportunities to the development of themselves and their colleagues